commission info

✧ includes transparent chibi and simple bg chibi
ICONS - $40
✧ includes 50x50 and enlarged, ready for twitter use
✧ +$35 per extra character
ANIMATIONS - +$10 per frame
✧ chibi/illustration base price + animation price PER FRAME
✧ most animations usually ~10 frames
TWITCH BADGES - $15 each
✧ includes all three sizes needed for sub, bits, or point graphics
EMOTES - $35
✧ + $15 each additional emote
✧ includes all three sizes needed for emotes
VTUBER RIGGING - price varies
✧ chibi base price - $800
✧ halfbody base price - $800
✧ fullbody base price - $1000
✧ finger/hand tracking - +$100
✧ vbridger mouth parameters - +$100
✧ xyz movements + physics
✧ full range vowel mouth movements
✧ mouth x
✧ stepping legs
✧ bouncy physics
✧ cheek puff
✧ includes 4 expressions (artist must provide), any additional expressions are $50 depending on complexity
✧ 1 animation (artist must provide), additional animations $75 depending on complexity
✧ please DM me for proper quote
✧ please DM me for more samples that aren't yet uploaded on my youtube channel
don't see what you're looking for? DM me!


In the event the client decides to terminate services early for any reason, they forfeit license to any designs created for the duration of the project. Deposits are non-refundable. All fees and payments are non-refundable after a project is complete.Any full commercial license mentioned above and any design files will be transferred to the recipient upon payment the Total invoice amount.Pricing that is for personal use only does not include rights for distribution, merchandising, resale or creation of derivative works. If you want the ability to create merch (whether for free or for profit), or need the original design file, a merchandising fee must be negotiated with the artist.

how to order

✧ please DM me on twitter about your commission, what you want, any references and any requests you may have for things like posing, colors, etc.
✧ once accepted, i will send you an paypal invoice unless you are paying through venmo.
✧ payment is to be paid in FULL before i will begin.✧ please allow me the full month to complete your order. i do not do rush orders. i have a full time job and do commissions in my free time.✧ if i need more time on your order, i will message you.✧ i do not replicate other styles. if commissioning me, i expect you to want specifically my style. if you want another style, please commission someone else.✧ i have the right to terminate the commission for reasons such as rude behavior, complexity, and deadlines.✧ i have the right to post commissions to my twitter UNLESS stated otherwise. please let me know if i need to refrain from posting for a specific amount of time (such as surprise gifts or art for debuts)✧ i will do NSFW, furries, mecha, and gore.✧ i will not do anything portraying things like homophobia, racism, pedophilia (that means lolis), etc.✧ UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I PARTAKE IN ANY WORK REGARDING NFTS! QUESTIONS REGARDING NFTS WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE BLOCK.